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Artificial Grass Playground Lawns for Wisconsin

The grass near play areas takes some extremely heavy abuse, and rarely has a chance at survival. Typically, playground owners combat the abuse by removing the lawn altogether, and replacing it with wood chips, artificial mulch products, or sand, all of which have serious drawbacks. Luckily, there’s a better option in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas: an artificial lawn from Premier Turf & Greens.

From the risk of splinters to the harmful chemicals used in production, not to mention the mess that gets tracked into the house, there are plenty of reasons to dislike the normal materials used under playgrounds. On top of that, none of these materials creates a truly safe playing surface that can reduce the likelihood of injury for children. Most playground injuries are the result of a fall, and the surface underneath plays a huge role in the severity.

At Premier Turf & Greens, we’re not only concerned with the safety of children, we’re concerned with the durability of the surface on which they play. Since a damaged play surface can quickly become unsafe, these two factors play into each other. Our high-tech artificial lawn products have soft padding built in, and their high durability combined with our expert installation ensures that the turf won’t be displaced, no matter the volume of traffic or amount of activity.

Grass stains will be a thing of the past when you call Premier Turf & Greens to install an artificial lawn for your playground area. Plus, the superior drainage of our artificial turf – which is often better than traditional grass lawns – means that the kids can play even immediately after a downpour. Our turf is ready for all weather, and is extremely low maintenance, especially when compared to grass.

Premier Turf & Greens’ expert installers are available to visit and completely evaluate your planned play area, and can give you expert advice on the most effective product for your installation. We understand that every project is unique, and we take measures to ensure that you get the best possible installation for your unique use case. Our installation procedures are extremely unobtrusive – we’ll conduct our installation efficiently and minimize disruption. Once the installation is complete, the new artificial playground lawn is ready to play on immediately.

Call Premier Turf & Greens for a free consultation, and we’ll work to maximize the safety, durability, easy maintenance, and beauty of your play area today.

The Best in Artificial Playground Lawns in Milwaukee

Considering a durable, beautiful and trouble-free artificial lawn for your playground area? Let us help transform your playground today. Contact us for a free consultation!

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