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Pets - Artificial Lawn Benefits in Wisconsin

We love our pets, and we can’t imagine life without them. However, no one likes a yard full of bare or brown spots, and no one likes muddy paws tracking dirt and debris through the house. Many a pet owner has daydreamed about a life with a perfect lawn and their furry friend at their side. Now that dream can be a reality with beautiful, low maintenance pet lawns from Premier Turf & Greens – your source for the best artificial lawn installation services in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first – you’re probably wondering how artificial turf can possibly handle the daily “duties” of a dog. The answer is simple: our beautiful, low maintenance turf and grass is designed for optimal drainage, which is the key to preventing odors and removing liquid waste promptly. In fact, the drainage of our artificial lawns is often far superior to the drainage of common grass lawns.

The base substrate we install below the artificial turf is also specifically designed to function well for pet owners. The addition of odor-absorbing material to the turf eliminates the smell caused by dog urine, keeping it dormant before being washed away during the next rain.

While this may be the number one concern for most dog owners, there are many more advantages to a Premier Synthetic Greens lawn. Originally designed for sports turf, our high-tech artificial lawns are built to withstand all the abuse that your rambunctious dog can dish out. Also, the superior drainage mentioned above means that your lawn is ready for use almost immediately after a downpour. With no standing water in your yard, your dog can enjoy the outdoors and you can enjoy clean floors when he returns to the indoors.

Pet owners with a traditional lawn may need to add chemicals and fertilizers to maintain the lawn’s health against the abuse that pets can deliver. These chemicals are harmful to animals, and can have unnoticed effects on your pet’s health. Premier Turf & Greens artificial lawns are completely free of harmful chemicals, and maintain their appearance for years without the need to apply any substances that may harm your pet’s well-being. Also, a Premier Turf & Greens lawn is free of fleas and ticks, keeping your dog safe and healthy.

A lush, green yard and a loyal companion are two desires of many a homeowner, and they are rarely achieved together. With expert artificial pet lawn installation from Premier Turf & Greens, you’ll get to have your pet and your beautiful lawn, with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment.

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